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Fun Ways to Get Fit Outdoors

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Fall in the Valley of the Sun may just be one of the most desirable places to be! With early morning and evening temps dipping, now’s the time to get outdoors and take advantage of the weather that Phoenicians wait patiently (or sometimes not so patiently!) for all summer long! Koibito Poke is not just about being healthy when it comes to what their customers put into their bodies but also how they treat their bodies all day long. With that in mind, Koibito Poke offers some fun ways to get fit outdoors this season.

Take a Hike

The valley is home to a vast array of options when it comes to walking, hiking and biking trails. Whether taking in a flatter course or challenging one’s self to a more advanced trail, options abound. With northern Arizona just a quick day trip away, walkers, hikers and bikers can also enjoy the beauty of the Phoenix desert, or head north to view the vibrant colors of fall leaves in Flagstaff or the red rocks of Sedona while taking in a more mountainous trail.

Get Some Zen

With the mandated gym closures earlier this year, many boutique gyms and fitness studios got creative by taking their services outdoors. And yoga is a perfect practice to enjoy in nature, especially with the Valley’s current enviable weather. A sunrise or sunset yoga session is sure to add some Zen into anyone’s day. Whether practiced with some friends or in the serenity of solitude, yoga is a great way to get fit outdoors (or anywhere!).

Take to the Water

Another great benefit of living in Arizona is access to all the state’s lakes and rivers that residents are privy to. There are literally thousands of lakes just waiting for water-fitness loving fans to come and make a splash! Paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing are all great ways to get outdoors and enjoy a little fitness on the water this fall.

There are countless ways to get fit outdoors… and after (or before) a great workout session, why not fuel the body properly (and delectably!) with a customized poke bowl from Koibito Poke? With so many choices and the ability to pick literally every item that goes into the bowl, customers can align their orders to their specific health preferences and make their bodies happy with every bite!

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