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Do you love Koibito Pokē? Or maybe you’ve never had it, but our bowls look so good that you can’t wait to try (and share it with the world)?

We are now welcoming creative individuals and influencers to become ambassadors with Koibito, and we’d love to have you. Take a look at what this partnership would look like, and then get to know more!

For the love of Pokē!

Why Koibito?

koibito signature bowl, tuna trio

reason 1

Be part of a brand you can believe in! Koibito Pokē is fresh and delicious, as well as nutritious - and has so many benefits for you and your followers. It's easy to get excited about a brand when you believe in it too!

koibito signature bowl, salmon bowl

reason 2

We love to have fun! Have a lot of unique and creative ideas? We're open to almost anything when it comes to sharing your love of pokē. We also feature giveaways and promos to share with your followers.

koibito signature bowl, koibito bowl

reason 3

We feed you AND pay you! Get a free bowl every month, plus commissions on all sales your first month start at 5%. Your second month starts at 9%. After that, you make more based on how much you sell - up to 15%!


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