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We care about our community. Through our Koibito Cares program we have fed thousands of people in our community; healthcare workers, first responders, schools, & organizations in need.



Help Us Feed The Community

Our Mission

Koibito Cares is a 501(C)3 nonprofit with a two-part mission – To show appreciation to those serving the community and to support those in need. We care about our community and have fed thousands of people in need.  Our three focus areas are: At-risk youth and homeless, first responders and hospitals. 


Formed in 2020, Koibito Cares serves as the 501(c)(3) non-profit arm of Koibito Pokē. Covid-19 served as the impetus for Koibito Pokē’s leadership to “Spread the love” and give back to tireless first responders, essential workers, and those impacted by the pandemic. After donating thousands of free meals and executing fundraising efforts to allow the community to also offer their support to those less fortunate or impacted by the current economic crisis, Koibito Pokē’s leadersip made and official dedication to community efforts by forming Koibito Cares, which will extend into other communities as the company expands with franchises.

By purchasing these meals you will not only be supporting the front line heroes in our community & people in need but will help support our employees as well. The Koibito Pokē community thank you!

To Request Meals Please Email: erica@koibitopoke.com

Your donation provides meals to our healthcare heroes & first responders who continue to fight covid-19 & our communities to survive this devastating economic period.

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