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The Hawaiian Islands are a beautiful place, and its people are some of the most warm-hearted in the world. If you’re looking for an authentic poke restaurant franchise opportunity, then look no further than Koibito Poke!

Your customers will love our unique blend of traditional and modern Hawaiian cuisine. We use only the freshest ingredients and offer options for every taste bud at affordable prices. Whether you’re on a budget or want to treat yourself with something special, Koibito Poke is the ideal choice for your next meal out!

Koibito Poke is a vibrant and authentic poke shop + bar serving modern & traditional Hawaiian cuisine.

Koibito Poke is a vibrant and authentic poke shop + bar serving modern & traditional Hawaiian cuisine. We believe in creating the best possible experience for our customers, which is why we use only high quality ingredients and provide an extensive menu of customizable bowls. Our customers can choose from over 15 different toppings to create their own unique bowl at a price point that fits any budget.

We take pride in every aspect of our business–from our food quality to our staff training programs–which allows us to provide each customer with an unforgettable experience every time they visit one of our locations or order online!

The culture of Hawaii is built around balance, positivity and family.

The culture of Hawaii is built around balance, positivity and family. This is because Hawaii has been home to many people from all over the world for hundreds of years. There are many different cultural influences that have shaped the islands into what they are today:

  • Polynesian – The native Hawaiians brought their customs and traditions with them when they first settled on these islands thousands of years ago. They lived off the land by farming taro root, fishing and hunting animals such as birds or fish for food. They also created tools out of wood or stones which helped them survive in this natural environment without technology (e.g., cars).
  • Chinese – In 1778 during King Kamehameha I’s rule over Hawaii there was an influx of Chinese immigrants who came seeking employment opportunities during times when wars were occurring back home in China due to famine conditions caused by drought conditions which prevented farmers from growing crops needed for survival purposes such as rice production; so instead many chose emigration as an option instead! These new arrivals introduced new technologies including firearms along with other goods like clothing materials too 🙂

That’s why it’s our mission to provide the most authentic poke dining experience possible.

So you’ve decided to open a Koibito Poke franchise. That’s great! You’re joining an amazing family of people who are passionate about providing customers with the most authentic poke dining experience possible. Our customers begin by choosing their base (white rice, brown rice, or spring mix). They then select from one of our signature creations or build their own bowl from scratch by adding proteins such as Ahi tuna and salmon filet; toppings like avocado slices and edamame; sauces like spicy mayo; and more! We also offer several vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat but still want to enjoy this delicious dish!

So what does this mean for your Koibito Poke franchise?

From the beginning, we wanted to create a Poke franchise that would provide our franchisees with the opportunity to build a successful business while offering their customers the freshest, tastiest ingredients possible. The Koibito Poke concept is built on providing customers with an authentic dining experience that they will not find anywhere else.

We want you to be able to offer your customers this same level of quality and service by partnering with us as part of our team!

Our menu is based on a simple concept.

Koibito Poke’s menu is based on a simple concept. We have a variety of signature bowls, which are made with high quality ingredients that are sourced whenever possible. Customers can also choose to build their own bowl, choosing from our selection of proteins, toppings and sauces.

We believe that food should be fresh, healthy and delicious!

Customers begin by choosing their base (white rice, brown rice, mixed greens or spring mix).

The first step is to choose your base. White rice is the most common choice, but brown rice is healthier and more nutritious. If you’re looking for something more substantial and don’t want to eat a lot of rice, mixed greens are a great option that provides all the benefits of leafy greens in addition to vitamins A, C and K. Spring mix offers similar nutritional benefits as mixed greens but with fewer calories per serving than traditional lettuces such as iceberg or romaine (which contain high amounts of water).

Then they select from one of our signature creations or build their own bowl from scratch.

Customers can then choose from one of our signature creations or build their own bowl from scratch. The possibilities are endless, but we’ve made it easy by providing a list of ingredients to choose from.

With so many options to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Koibito Poke!

Koibito Poke has a variety of options for customers to choose from. You can select from a variety of proteins, sauces and toppings. We also have vegetarian options for those who prefer them!

Koibito Poke is the perfect place for people looking for something new in their lives or someone who has been wanting to start their own business but didn’t know where to start. You will be able to build a loyal following by providing quality food at an affordable price point while making sure everyone feels welcome at your location by being friendly and helpful every day!

Talk to us today about franchising a poke concept!

If you’re looking to start a business, we’d love to hear from you!

We are currently seeking qualified candidates that are interested in franchising a poke concept. If this sounds like something you’re interested in learning more about, please contact us today at info@koibitopoke.com or fill out our online form here: https://koibitopoke.com/franchise/.


If you’re ready to take your career to the next level and open a Koibito Poke franchise, contact us today! We can help you find the perfect location for your business and get started on building it from scratch.

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