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Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

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Just like that Halloween is over and now it’s full speed ahead to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s Eve and many other occasions that are often centered around food, drinks and okay a little overindulgence. (Eat, drink and be merry, right?). But the onset of the holidays does not have to derail a healthy lifestyle… and it shouldn’t have to mean sitting that merriment out either. Koibito Poke offers four quick and easy tips for staying healthy (mentally and physically!) throughout the holiday season while enjoying the very best of it.

Plan Ahead — The easiest way to get derailed from a healthy routine is to not plan ahead. Keep workouts in the calendar like any other appointment (or holiday party) to stay accountable. Build in time to prepare healthy foods that can be taken on the go or reheated at the end of a long busy day. It’s also a good idea to enjoy a healthy meal before heading to a holiday feast… this ensures that the stomach doesn’t lead any bad decisions that the mind might regret later.

Refocus the Celebration Away from Food — Instead of hosting a cookie exchange, why not plan a potluck part where everyone brings their most delicious healthy dish (think of a theme or main ingredient to make this really fun). Or meet up with friends for a fun holiday-themed workout class or 5K as a way to enjoy the holidays without the added calories.

Enjoy Meaningful Indulgences — There is no reason people should not enjoy their favorite indulgences at holiday time (or anytime). A healthy lifestyle should not be focused on deprivation, but rather the focus on healthy choices that are delicious too. But those nostalgic holiday favorites just hit different… so go ahead and enjoy a few sugar cookies, some mashed potatoes and gravy or a peppermint mocha martini. While having it, pay attention! Oftentimes people are busy multi-tasking as they eat, which distracts from the joy of the indulgence… and may lead to the need to reach for another. So take some time to really enjoy it. Then move on!

Stay Active — The holidays can be stressful and sometimes that can lead to stress- or emotional-triggered eating. Hold up! Instead of letting those factors control what goes into the body, be mindful of the emotion. Take a quick 10-minute walk to blow off some steam or wake up 30 minutes early to get a yoga video in before the start of a hectic day. Exercise is the key to a healthy and happy mind, which is essential for a healthy and happy body!

Koibito Poke is always ready to help guests customize a delicious and healthy bowl filled with nutritional whole foods that will keep body, mind and tastebuds very happy! So stop in today!

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