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Staving off Holiday Stress

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The holidays are here! And while these are joyous times — with family, friends, fun and celebrating —the holidays can also be quite stressful and hectic. Holiday time needn’t derail any positive lifestyle habits and be the cause of added stress or even depression. Koibito Poke offers some easy tips to stave off stress during this season.

Maintain Routine — Yes, things are about to get a lot busier with guests in town, holiday parties and activities, shopping, hosting and… phew, get the picture? But there should still always be time to maintain one’s normal routine… and sticking to the important elements of it that help keep stress at bay all year long. That may mean getting up 30 minutes earlier to ensure time for morning rituals such as meditation, journaling, reading and exercise… but those 30 minutes are well-spent and can do wonders in the battling stress as well as seasonal anxiety and depression.

Embrace that Two-Letter Word — It’s okay to say no! There are sure to be lots of invitations and events to attend this season, but no one can be in two places at once. It’s important to embrace that and learn to politely decline events that are not top priority in order to preserve some much-needed downtime.

Don’t Stress about Shopping — Many people may have a vision of creating the perfect holiday experience for their families and loved ones. But that is a lot of pressure, which can lead to stress. The holidays should be focused on family and loved ones, being together and the experience as a whole rather than getting gifts. So when shopping this season, select (or make!) heart-felt gifts that are given with love rather than stressing about putting the biggest gift under the tree. Overspending can certainly create to needless holiday and post-holiday stress.

Do Good — Tis the season for giving back and helping others. There is no feeling quite like volunteering or donating to a cherished charity. There are so many in need and helping to make someone’s holiday a little brighter can really nourish the soul and put things into perspective. Consider donating socks, blankets or hygiene necessities to a local shelter for those experiencing homelessness or visit a senior living community to spread some holiday cheer to seniors that may not have a lot of visitors.

Take a Time-Out — The Mayo Clinic recognizes that taking time for oneself is an essential way to keep seasonal stress at bay. The organization advises: “Take a breather… Find an activity you enjoy. Take a break by yourself. Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, may refresh you enough to handle everything you need to do.” Further, an article on the site states, “Fine something that reduces stress by clearing your mind, slowing your breathing and restoring inner calm” such as taking a walk, listening to music or reading a book.

Properly Fuel the Body — Staying on track with one’s nutrition is another essential way to stave off stress. After all, food really is medicine! And a healthy lifestyle can help people avoid stress and illness during the season. Try not to skip meals in favor of enjoying a big buffet at a party. Instead, have a healthy snack prior to the big bash and enjoy a few favorite items during the event. Heading into a feast with an empty stomach is a recipe for overindulging (without really enjoying everything!). If an overindulgence does occur, simply get back on track and move on. No need for holiday eating guilt… After all, the holidays are the time for a little indulgence!

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