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Social (and Safe) Ways to Enjoy Takeout Dining


While stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted around the valley, many restaurants have yet to resume in-restaurant dining and many diners just don’t feel comfortable dining in restaurants yet. And that’s okay! Everyone should feel safe in making the decisions that are right for their own individual needs and preferences. However, dining out is one of the most social things that friends, family and loved ones have shared in the past. Even though physical distancing has changed the way people dine, it shouldn’t have to take the socialization aspect out of it! Koibito Poke suggests the following ways to make dining social again… safely!

For those that aren’t ready to dine in, don’t put any added pressure on returning to that form of dining. COVID-19, and its impact on the world, affects everyone differently and it’s understandable to be wary about dining in a restaurant again in addition to other social experiences. Instead of having a favorite meal (say, from Koibito Poke) in a restaurant, why not take advantage of all the additional options dining establishments are offering. Even fine dining establishments have taken to offering to-go and curbside pick-up services so special occasion dining can continue at home.

However, instead of simply relying on a delivery service to bring a meal to one’s home, why not grab a meal to go and meet a friend (or two or three) for a picnic in a common space that allows for everyone in the group to spread out — but still be together. A local park (if open) or a neighborhood greenbelt is perfect place to put out a few picnic blankets and enjoy a good meal with good company in an open-air setting.

Spending time with friends over a meal is a great way to reconnect — and though large group dining and over-crowded restaurants may be a thing of the past (for now), it’s important for friends and loved ones to find new ways to come together (at a distance!). COVID-19 has changed the way people interact in every way. But luckily, today’s society is highly equipped with technology to connect people in whole new ways. Through FaceTime, apps like HouseParty, and video services from WebEx to Zoom, people immediately took distanced socialization to a new level throughout the height of the pandemic. Planning a virtual happy hour, book club and or dinner to enjoy “together” while apart is another fun way to enjoy social dining with loved ones near and far and to enjoy larger group “gatherings.”

Dining out is a big part of dating culture too, which has also changed dramatically as of late. But date nights can take on a whole new element of romance when a takeout meal is enjoyed at a scenic overlook after a casual sunset drive, for example, or when enjoyed in a private setting after a hike in the desert. This “new normal” gives people an opportunity to find creative ways to not only dine but to socialize, celebrate, date and more.

The Koibito Poke family invites customers old and new to enjoy dining the way they feel comfortable — and to explore new ways to socialize in a safe setting that allows them to stay together while at a distance. Meanwhile, Koibito Poke is here to offer quick, casual and fresh dining opportunities in a number of ways.

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