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Sleep: A Key Component to Health

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Most health-conscious people know that eating healthful, whole foods and keeping active are two of the most straightforward ways to promote a long and healthy life. But one of the “sleepers” to a healthy lifestyle is also quality rest. Koibito Poke takes a look at the importance of quality sleep — especially during busy, often stressful times like the holidays!

The Mayo Clinic calls sleep the “foundation for healthy habits” and states: “Adequate, quality rest each night is essential for good health. Sleep provides the foundation for all our daily habits and decisions. A lack of quality sleep can negatively impact our mood as well as our ability to focus on daily tasks.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, getting adequate, restful sleep can help people avoid illness, maintain a healthy weight, lower risk of health issues like diabetes and heart disease and even think more clearly and perform better in school or at work.

When it comes to how much sleep one should get each night, the answers vary. While at least seven hours seems to be the standard, that number may vary by individual. Those that are trying to pinpoint their magic sleep number may want to track how many hours they get over the course of a week or two — and make note of how they feel after each night’s sleep.

Building in a bedtime routine that begins about an hour before hitting the sack can help those that have trouble winding down in the evening or falling asleep easily. This can include a soaking in soothing bath, cozying up with a good book and sipping warm tea. Avoid distractions like checking work emails, scrolling social media or watching TV. Turning off technology can help assist in the calming process.

Going to bed around the same time each night and getting up around the same time each morning can create a natural rhythm. As the body gets used to this, it may even begin to rise naturally around the same time each morning — which sure beats getting jolted away by the sound of an alarm!

A well-rounded approach to nutrition and physical fitness can be complemented by quality rest. And while celebrating may keep many people out past their bedtimes this season, it’s important to maintain a solid sleep schedule in order to stave off stress, anxiety and depression and illness during the holidays and all year round. And when in need of a quick, nutritious meal, stop into Koibito Poke and customize a bowl packed with healthy whole foods!

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