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Simple Ways to Spread Joy During Stay-at-Home Restrictions

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With the recent extension of two more weeks under stay-at-home restrictions in Arizona, Koibito Poke considers all the ways residents can stay safe while trying to find — and spread — joy this time.

FaceTime with Family

Among a society based on socialization, being apart from people for such an extended period can be rough. Yet, there is no better time to be grateful for technology! While following restrictions, family, friends and loved ones can still “get together” through the use of FaceTime, Zoom, apps like Houseparty and other virtual formats that connect people in a safe way. Take advantage of these technologies to fill up that social cup.

Send Some “Virtual” Love

Surprise grandparents with a handwritten letter or drawings from the little ones, leave some sidewalk chalk art in a friend or neighbor’s driveway, or mail a “thank you” gift card (from Koibito Poke, perhaps?) to a beloved teacher, police officer, healthcare worker… or anyone who could use a smile!

Perform a Random Act of Kindness

Pick up litter around the community, bring a neighbor’s trash bins up from the street, buy the person in line behind’s coffee or to-go order, leave an unexpected tip, compliment a stranger (from six feet back!) or simply wave and smile as you pass by someone on a walk or bike ride. Even the tiniest gesture can have a big impact during challenging times.

Offer to Help

For those that are able to get to the grocery store or other essential places of business, reach out to those that can’t and ask if they need any supplies. Making a donation drop to an organization in need, such as a homeless shelter or foster care non-profit, is another crucial, and kind, way to make a difference and spread much-needed joy.

Appreciate Simple Pleasures

A beautiful sunrise, the perfect cup of coffee, a great book, some quality time with family… all of these simple joys may have gone unnoticed during busier times. This slower period allows people to appreciate — and look for! — those simple pleasures that truly create pure joy!

The team at Koibito Poke is busy trying to spread joy with stay-at-home restrictions too while staying safe during this time by raising funds to donate meals to first responders and those in need. To help them continue these efforts, donations are welcome!

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