Koibito Pokē

Resolve to Eat More Poke in 2020

build your own poke bowl

While there is never a bad time to make a resolution towards good health, many people used January as a fresh start. For those that haven’t gotten around to making their resolutions yet, Koibito Poke suggests eating more poke in 2020 — in the name of health! For those that need inspiration to continue eating healthy, Koibito has the answer for that too — more poke!

Poke is certainly having its moment in the sun — and with good reason. This Hawaiian-inspired dish features fresh fish and vegetables — two important ingredients in a healthy diet. At Koibito Poke, guests can custom their own poke bowl with their protein of choice such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail, spicy tuna, Hawaiian tuna, shrimp, octopus, lobster. Those that prefer poultry can select grilled chicken and bowls can even be made to suit a vegetarian with tofu.

The guest’s protein selection is layered upon the base of the bowl, which the diner can select as well. Choices include white or brown rice or spring salad mix. From there, there diners can add a variety of toppings — from cucumber, edamame and jalapeno to shaved brussels sprouts, kale and ginger — then choose their sauce from a variety of specialty flavors such as citrus ponzu, Sriracha aioli and champagne butter; and finally garnish their individualized bowls with ingredients such as crispy onion, wasabi, sesame seeds and/or avocado.

The poke bowls at Koibito Poke can be customized in a seemingly endless number of ways, making each day a different day when it comes to eating healthy and this classic Hawaiian dish. And because it has become such a beloved way to enjoy seafood, it can certainly be incorporated into a healthy daily diet. For those that haven’t taken the “poke plunge,” Koibito Poke encourages them to dive in to this delicious and healthy food trend that has roots steeped in Hawaiian culture.

Each poke bowl at Koibito is custom-made using fresh fish, chicken or tofu, a variety of healthy vegetables and produce, and house-made sauces, so it’s a great healthy alternative for those looking to ditch processed foods this year. All in all, poke bowls are a great way to get a healthy dose of delicious. Healthy eating in 2020 has never been easier!

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