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Resolutions for a Healthy New Year


The New Year is almost here and that’s something pretty much everyone can be grateful for with the way 2020 has gone! As with every January 1, the turn of a new year is an opportunity for a “fresh start.” While people may not be able to control many outside sources, they can control how they choose to welcome in 2021 with their own resolutions. For those that are resolving for a healthier routine in the New Year, Koibito Poke offers the following suggestions:

Keep it Simple and Be Realistic

At the beginning of a New Year, people tend to be very… optimistic about all the goals they want to accomplish and all the things they want to change. While it’s always wonderful to have high goals, it’s also important to keep it simple when it comes to how these goals are going to be accomplished and how these changes are going to be made. So while reaching for the stars, it’s also a good idea to be realistic about those goals. If they are too challenging or unattainable, they are going to become undesirable pretty quick.

Plan Ahead

For anything to be successful, proper preparation is essential. For those that want to start off their New Year eating healthier, stock that fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables and get rid of the junk food in the pantry to remove temptations. When going out to eat, take a look at the menu prior and have a healthy choice in mind before going in and then becoming overwhelmed by other temptations. Or before going to a get together, eat a small healthy snack to help avoid the desire to over-indulge on not-so-healthy offerings.

Make Fitness Fun

While a healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen, it can be rounded out by a regular fitness routine. Fitness should be a fun and enjoyable part of a healthy life. There’s no need or reason why anyone should trudge through exercises they don’t enjoy for the sake of a workout. There are enough ways to get fit without feeling like it’s torture! People should find the type of exercises they like to do and explore a wide variety of options before ruling anything out! Mixing up workouts also keeps aa routine exercise schedule from getting stale.

… And Schedule It In

Just like with any appointment or meeting, a workout class or bike ride with a friend should be scheduled and made a priority. Those that haven’t been exercising on a regular basis can start slow with a short workout just two or three times a week and build up from there.

Don’t Give Up

Regardless of the goal, resolve to keep going! There may be roadblocks or stumbles on the path, but oftentimes success is just on the other side. So even after a binge on a not-so-healthy meal or a skipped workout or two, get back in the game and keep working towards the goal — a healthier new life!

A healthy lifestyle is an incredible gift that anyone can give themselves — at any age or any stage of health.

With some commitment, dedication and planning, a healthy lifestyle can be easy and fun too! The Koibito Poke family encourages everyone to start off 2021 with health in mind!

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