Koibito Pokē

Poke Bowls for Everyone

todd stottlemyre and daughter eating koibito

Koibito Poke is all about dining inclusivity — and offering a variety of options so guests can choose exactly what they want, and what they don’t want, in their meal. Traditionally in Native Hawaiian, poke is raw fish dice and served as either a main entrée or an appetizer. Poke bowls have become very popular on the mainland, but Koibito Poke takes the concept just a bit further by expanding the options. Here’s why poke bowls at Koibito are for everyone:

1.Each Bowl is Made Fresh to Order — In just seven easy steps, guests can build that own customized bowl in real time when they order in store or online for quick pick-up. Beginning with a base (such as white or brown rice, mixed greens, and cauliflower rice), the selecting a protein option, sauce, toppings, and premium toppings and finally, garnish, guests can have a freshly made, 100 percent customized poke bowl with every visit. Choose favorites again and again or try something new!
2.Seafood or Fish is Not Required — Sure, Koibito Poke has a wide range of seafood choices to include in a traditional poke bowl, including various types of tuna, crab mix, salmon and octopus, but guests can also enjoy proteins like Asian chicken, grilled chicken and tofu. Or veggie lovers can simply skip the protein option and load their bowl with their favorite toppings.
3.Guests Can Enjoy a Different Flavor with Every Bowl — The combinations are never ending at Koibito Poke so with each visit guests can try new flavor profiles by selecting different proteins, sauces (including nine different ones such as wasabi aioli, citrus ponzu, sweet chile lime, shoyu and more), 14 different toppings and six different garnishes, each poke bowl is as different as the next. Get bold and mix it up!
4.Inclusive Dining Rules — Want to go out to eat with a vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, dairy-free and or gluten-free or non-seafood eating friend? Everyone can find something that works with their eating preference at Koibito Poke. The restaurant concept’s leadership wants to not only serve its community healthy wholesome real food, they want everyone to be able to dine together while still enjoying a satisfying and nutritious meal that meets their personal dietary requirements and preferences.

When it comes time to decide where to eat, choose Koibito Poke! With fresh and tasty options for all, Koibito Poke is truly for everyone.

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