Koibito Pokē

The Next Big Thing in Franchising?


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a restaurant franchise? Here is a look at the Koibito Poke franchise.

What is Koibito Poke?

What is Koibito?

Koibito is a Japanese word that means “lover” or “sweetheart.” It’s also the name of this new poke restaurant now available for franchising. Which was founded by Todd Stottlemyre (former MLB 3x World Series superstar) and a team of superstars who wanted to bring their love for sushi and seafood to life. And they’ve certainly succeeded! Their concept has become so popular that Koibito Poke has expanded from its first location in Scottsdale, Arizona all the way up into 13+ locations by the end of this year and beyond–and it looks like it’s only going to keep growing from here!

What Is a Restaurant Franchise?

A franchise is a business that sells the rights to use its name, brand and other intellectual property. A franchisee (sometimes known as an “affiliate”) receives the right to use the franchiser’s trademark in return for royalty payments.

What should I expect as a franchise owner?

As a franchise owner, you’ll be responsible for running your own business while also getting support from your franchisor. You’ll have access to training and resources that will help you succeed in your chosen field. You can view everything included here.

There are lots of good reasons for choosing to start a franchise instead of starting from scratch. 

Here are just a few:

  • You’ll have access to training and support from experts who know how to run these restaurants successfully and profitably
  • You’ll know that there’s already an established customer base for your restaurant, so you won’t have to spend time building one up yourself
  • You’ll also save money because many times there’s already advertising done for these brands that can be used by new franchises as well

Koibito Poke Franchise Information

Koibito Poke provides customers with a number of different options for their meals: they can choose from a selection of poke bowls; all served with brown or white rice (or mixed greens) as well as an assortment of fish like Salmon, Tuna, Octopus or many more and then toppings like avocado, seaweed salad or crab meat (to name just a few!).

The food line also includes fresh ingredients such as edamame and pineapple which are perfect for those looking for something sweet in their meal!

Koibito Poke Franchise Costs

The total investment for a Koibito Poke franchise ranges from $200,000 to $400,000. You will need to pay a franchise fee of $35,000. This includes initial training and support as well as royalties on sales. A ton of franchise concepts will do a sliding royalty fee that increases as you make more money but not Koibito Poke. The royalty percentage is only 6% (as of writing in 2023). In addition to this initial investment, there are minuscule fees that include advertising fees (if applicable), renewal fees and ongoing support services provided by the franchisor.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a restaurant franchise? Here is a look at the Koibito Poke franchise.

Koibito Poke is a fast-casual restaurant and delivery chain that offers customizable poke bowls. The company currently has over 13 locations across the United States with plans for expansion into 10 additional states later this year (2023)!

If you’re interested in becoming part of this rapidly growing brand – reach out today to see if we’re a fit for you. 


If you’re interested in starting your own restaurant franchise, Koibito Poke may be the right choice for you. With its unique concept and delicious food, this brand is sure to stand out from other restaurants in any market or city.

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