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Koibito Poke Is Now Nationwide – Here’s How You Can Own Your Very Own Franchise

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Koibito Poke is a national chain of poke restaurants that offers an authentic Hawaiian eating experience. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, poke is a traditional dish made with raw fish, vegetables and spices. It’s meant to be eaten as an appetizer or side dish, but it can also be used as an entrée. The first four Koibito Poke locations were opened in Scottsdale, Arizona by Todd Stottlemyre, a former MLB 3x World Series Superstar and his team—and now they’ve brought their concept to cities across the country! Check out our brief guide to learn how you could become part of this growing business venture linked here.

What is Koibito Poke?

Koibito Poke is a Hawaiian-inspired poke restaurant. The traditional dish is made from raw fish, rice and seaweed. Koibito Poke’s menu includes a variety of poke bowls which can be rice or mixed green as a base, topped with proteins ranging from Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail or much more with an array of toppings such as seaweed salad, pineapple or avocado.

Influenced by traditional Hawaiian and Japanese flavors and ingredients, KOIBITO POKE (KOIBITO meaning “love” in Japanese) encourages its guests to love their bodies — and show their bodies some love — by providing them with fresh, clean whole foods that are good for them and taste good too.

How did Koibito Poke come about?

Koibito Poke was born out of a desire to create something new and exciting. The founders had a vision for a healthy fresh restaurant that would be different from other poke restaurants, and they wanted to share that with the world.

At KOIBITO POKE each guest is treated to an individualized “build-a-bowl” experience. With so many fresh ingredients to choose from, each bowl can be vastly different from the next. The large selection of bases, proteins, toppings, housemade sauces and more — all of which are the freshest and highest quality possible — gives diners the opportunity to craft their bowl towards a specific health goal.

Whether trying to eat more greens or seafood, eliminate red meat, go low-carb, or try a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, guests can accomplish these goals easily (and deliciously) at KOIBITO POKĒ.

Why did you decide to start your own franchise?

You’ve probably heard about Koibito Poke, the new “fast-casual” poke chain that’s taking over the country. You may have even tried it yourself and thought to yourself: “I could do this!”

Well, now you can! Koibito Poke has taken notice of all the people who want to own their own franchise and decided to make it happen. They’ve created a custom program (details linked here) which means that if you’re interested in starting your own business as a Koibito Poke Franchisee, we’ll help get everything started for a low cost compared to everyone else in the industry!

But don’t take it from us but from one of our newest Franchisees Zack Edson who is opening his new store in North Scottsdale, Arizona when he was asked “What do you envision the restaurant will bring to the community?” 

“We chose this location for our Koibito Poke restaurant because of its central location within the community and its accessibility to a diverse range of customers. The area has a growing food culture, and our restaurant aims to cater to health-conscious individuals and provide them with a fresh and delicious option for a quick and nutritious meal.

Moreover, this location is surrounded by a large number of residential and office buildings, making it an ideal spot for people who are looking for a convenient and tasty lunch option. Additionally, our restaurant will bring more foot traffic to the area and help support local businesses by providing a new dining destination for residents and visitors alike.

By offering locally sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging options, we also aim to support the community and its values. We believe that our commitment to quality and the community will help establish Koibito Poke as a beloved and trusted brand in the neighborhood.“ ~ Zack Edson.

What are some of the benefits of being a part of the Koibito Poke community?

  • You are part of a family.
  • You are part of a culture.
  • You are part of a movement.

How do I become an owner of my own Koibito Poke restaurant franchise?

If you are interested in becoming an owner of your own Koibito Poke franchise, we encourage you to reach out to our team click here for more information. The initial investment needed to open a Koibito Poke restaurant can vary depending on the square footage and the actual location. We also offer financing options so that you don’t need all of the money up front!

Our goal is for everyone who wants their very own Koibito Poke restaurant to be able to have one–and we’re committed to helping as many people achieve this dream as possible!

If you’re interested in owning your own poke restaurant, we can help!

If you’re interested in owning your own poke restaurant, we can help! We have a variety of options available for franchise owners.

You can choose to buy an existing franchise or build your own restaurant from the ground up. If you want to start small and work your way up, buying an existing franchise is a great way to do so. However, if you would rather build something from scratch, we would be happy to guide you through that process as well!


We’re excited for the future of Koibito Poke and the opportunities it will bring to both our current owners and those who wish to become one. If you’re interested in owning your own poke restaurant, we can help! Reach out today by just clicking here and filling out a form.

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