Koibito Pokē

July Easy Ways to Eat Healthy at Koibito Poke

build your own poke bowl

Koibito Poke is all about delicious, fresh, and healthy options! Each bowl is customized at the time of order to each guest’s specifications so they get exactly what they what — and nothing they don’t! This also gives diners a wide variety of choices when it comes to eating healthy in a variety of ways — following are just a few ideas:


Even though fresh fish and seafood served as Koibito Poke is a healthy option, for those that don’t eat any animal protein, consider a tofu-based poke bowl. Or skip the tofu all together and simply load up on the wide selection of vegetable toppings that can be added to any bowl such as cucumber, kale, shaved brussels sprouts, onion, jalapeno and edamame (a great source of protein!)

Low Carb

While Koibito Poke offers guests white or brown rice as the base of their bowl, diners can also choose a bed of fresh spring mix as a lower-carb alternative. Then pick from a selection of healthy fish and seafood such as yellowtail, shrimp or salmon or even Asian-style chicken.

Pack in the Protein

While many people think that they must get their protein from red meat or poultry, seafood and vegetables are actually great sources of high-quality protein. A bowl packed with lots of healthy veggies and choice of seafood. Tuna is actually one of the top 10 sources of protein with 50.8 grams in a six-ounce fillet and salmon has 45 grams of protein in a six-ounce fillet. For those that prefer not to get their protein from an animal product, tofu, edamame, brussels sprouts and kale are all “meatless” options available at Koibito Poke.

Pick a Size, Any Size

Portion control is another way to take control of one’s health choices at Koibito Poke. For those that eat mini meals throughout the day or simply prefer a smaller bowl, the Small Poke Bowl still packs a hearty healthy punch with two proteins of choice, while those that aim for a higher caloric intake can opt for the Large Poke Bowl which includes four proteins of choice or even the Large Poke Bowl plus One Protein Scoop which allows guests to choose five proteins to top their bowl.

There is no end to the choices and customizations that diners can make at Koibito Poke so each day can offer a new, delicious and healthy bowl! Whether going low-carb, vegetarian or simply watching portion control, Koibito Poke can build the ideal bowl.

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