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Immunity Boosting Nutrients and How to Incorporate Them into Every Meal

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Food can be the best path to health and life longevity… so long as the right foods are consumed on a regular basis. Koibito Poke is focused on serving its communities real, healthful foods that are not only scrumptious but also serve as part of a real food lifestyle that can keep the body energized and strong — so it can fight off illness and infection all year round. For some tips on the best immunity-boosting nutrients to consume and how to incorporate them into every meal, read on!

Vitamin C — Good old vitamin C has long been recognized as an immunity-boosting food. After all, when little kids come down with a cold, most moms hand over a glass of orange juice, right? Well, Mom is hardly ever wrong… Citrus are high in vitamin C as well as berries, melons, tomatoes, bell peppers and broccoli.

Protein — Speaking of these proteins, they are also considered immunity boosting according to the Mayo Clinic, in addition to seafood, nuts, milk and yogurt, eggs, beef, plant sources, nuts, seeds, beans and lentils.

Vitamin D — Found in fatty fish, eggs, milk and 100 percent juices that are fortified with the vitamin are great ways to get vitamin D. While not food, the sunshine is another great way to get a hearty dose of vitamin D. Early morning sunlight is the best way to soak up this immunity-boosting nutrient.

Zinc — The Mayo Clinic reports that Zinc is best absorbed through sources such as beef and seafood, but it can also be found in plant-based foods, beans, nuts and tofu.

Enjoying citrus, berries or melon with a morning meal is a good way to get a dose of vitamin C at the beginning of the day. Simply adding a glass or milk to any meal or swapping out a breakfast bar with scrambled eggs or a yogurt parfait is a good way to get a boost of protein from real foods. Toss tomatoes and bell peppers in a lunchtime salad or sandwich and serve steamed broccoli with piece of steak, chicken or fish at dinner time, which also provides a source of protein. Add some beans or lentils and a salad for a perfectly well-rounded meal of immunity-boosting foods!

Immunity-boosting foods do not have to be reserved for when one comes down with a cold. Eating these foods every day can help people avoid getting a cold in the first place! So eat up and enjoy a strong immune system!

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