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Hunting for the Best Sushi & Poke in Manchester, Missouri? Koibito Poke Won’t Disappoint!

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You’re not going to find a better spot for sushi and poke in all of Missouri than Koibito Poke. It’s a family-owned business that is now franchising. They serve up some of the freshest fish around, so you can be sure that everything is top quality when it comes to their dishes. If you want to try this traditional Japanese cuisine for yourself, make sure to stop by (13275 Manchester Rd #103, Des Peres, Missouri) today!

It’s a sign that you’re in the right place when the name of a restaurant features the word “poke.”

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating poke before, it’s time to get acquainted with this delicious Hawaiian dish. Poke is essentially raw fish that has been sliced into small pieces and seasoned with various ingredients like soy sauce and sesame oil. It’s common to find tuna as well as salmon in your bowl of poke–but don’t worry: there are plenty of other options available for those who don’t eat seafood!

The word “poke” comes from the Hawaiian language and means “to cut,” which makes sense considering how thinly sliced the fish is when prepared properly. However, if you’re still confused about what exactly makes up this traditional dish or where exactly it originated from (it’s not just something we made up here at Koibito Poke), then come into our store and allow us to break down everything there is to know about this delicious dish.

If you want to sample the freshest fish (sushi in a bowl), head over to Koibito Poke at 13275 Manchester Rd #103.

If you want to sample the freshest poke (sushi in a bowl), then head over to Koibito Poke at 13275 Manchester Rd #103. This restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional poke bowls that can be customized with your choice of protein and fresh toppings.

If you’ve never tried poke before, it’s basically a Hawaiian preparation of raw fish served over rice or greens with fresh vegetables and other add-ons such as seaweed or avocado slices. Poke is typically seasoned with soy sauce or other sauces based on regional preferences but can also be made spicy if desired!

The word “koibito” means beloved or sweetheart in Japanese, so it’s no surprise that this brand specializes in serving up some delicious seafood dishes.

Koibito means “beloved” or “sweetheart” in Japanese, so it’s no surprise that this brand specializes in serving up some delicious seafood dishes.

The word Koibito can be used to describe someone who you love or care about–and given how many people have fallen head over heels for Koibito Poke’s fresh fish and high-quality ingredients, it seems like there are plenty of folks who fit this description. The restaurant itself also takes its name from the word “Koibito.”

Koibito Poke is a family-owned business that is now offering franchising.

Koibito Poke is a family-owned business that offers traditional Japanese cuisine with a twist (poke bowls)! The name means “beloved” in Japanese, and it’s something you’ll want to be for this restaurant! The fish is delivered from fresh suppliers and the rice is cooked with love and always served warm. You can choose from different types of rice for your poke bowl like white or brown. They also have an amazing selection of protein, sauces including spicy mayo sauce (my favorite), sweet chili sauce, citrus ponzu, etc…the list goes on!

The atmosphere at Koibito Poke is very relaxed–it’s not too fancy but still feels very welcoming. You can order online through their website or app for an easy pickup or on doordash or ubereats so you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to! All around great experiences here – highly recommended if you’re looking for something delicious yet quick & easy. This location is near West County Center where there aren’t many options besides fast food chains like Burger King & McDonalds…but now we’ve found one more option and it’s a whole lot healthier but yet delicious! 

From their poke bowls to their range of Fish selection, everything on the menu is fresh and flavorful!

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional sushi, look no further than Koibito Poke. Their menu is extensive and has something for everyone–from their poke bowls with Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp and more, everything on the menu is fresh and flavorful!

The chefs at Koibito Poke are very knowledgeable about their ingredients. They use only high-quality tuna sourced from the best suppliers in regions around the world in order to make sure that every bite tastes its best.

Have you tried this place yet?

Have you tried this place yet? I highly recommend it! The service is great and the food is delicious. If you’re looking for sushi or poke in Manchester, Missouri, Koibito Poke will not disappoint!

If you’re looking for a delicious sushi and poke bowl, head over to Koibito Poke in Manchester. Their chefs use only the highest quality fish and toppings sliced fresh every day. Again, the address is 13275 Manchester Rd #103, Des Pères, Missouri 63131.

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