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How to Think Positive Through Tough Times


How to Think Positive During Tough Times

Between the stress and concerns surrounding COVID-19, and the very divided political atmosphere, let alone the constant chatter in one’s own mind, it is completely understandable that people might not be feeling very optimistic right now. Koibito Poke and its leadership aims to operate with positivity at all times — even when it doesn’t come easy. With that in mind, they offer some tips for thinking positive during tough times:

Do a “180”

Koibito Poke’s own Todd Stottlemyre has not only had a successful baseball career but a successful career in business too. And he credits positive thinking in the dugout and in the boardroom for these successes. Todd believes people can turn their negative thoughts around – literally 180 degrees — and replace them with the exact opposite: positive thoughts. Yes, this takes practice. But as with any exercise, the result is very worth it. So when a negative thought creeps into one’s mind, try replacing it instead with a positive thought – and continue to focus on creating those positive thoughts.  

Turn off Negative “Noise”

It’s hard not to get caught up in the news, social media and other “noise” out there, much of which can be negative or leave people feeling negative in some way. But people don’t have to listen to it. Take a time out! Shut off the TV and open a good book, limit social media scrolling to just a few minutes a day or take a break from it for a few days, or take a drive and listen to some great music. Drowning out the “bad” with the “good” can help people feel more positive.

Do Something Enjoyable

Between work, families, appointments, errands, taking care of the house… (the list goes on!), there is always something to be done. Especially during these times, even everyday tasks can pile up or seem overwhelming. So when trying to create a positive mindset, it’s important to build in time every day for self-care — and to find and do something that helps people find and achieve joy. Sometimes this can be as easy as getting up a half hour earlier each day to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before the rest of the family gets up, indulging in a favorite meal (whether that means cooking or grabbing a healthy and delicious poke bowl from Koibito Poke – wink, wink), or watching the sunset with a loved one at the end of a great hike. Making time for one’s own self can help people feel more fulfilled. And when they are fulfilled, they tend to be grateful… and with gratitude comes a positive attitude!

When people think more positively on a regularly basis, they will naturally become more positive over time. Even though it may seem difficult at first, remember that even creating a habit out of something like thinking positive takes a little practice. And with that practice, the habit will eventually become automatic.

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