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How to Get and Stay Motivated to Eat Healthfully

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How to Get and Stay Motivated to Eat Healthfully

Everyone knows eating “right” has a ton of health benefits beyond just feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. However, eating healthfully isn’t always as easy it sounds. However, Koibito Poke offers some easy tips to help get and stay motivated to eat a path to good health!

Remember the Why

When making any change or commit to do something challenging or different, it’s important to define why this change is being made. What makes it so important? Want to eat right for heart health? To lose weight? To reduce anxiety or sleep better? Remember those things when choosing every meal.

Plan Ahead

Eating healthfully takes some work. But it can also be fun! Research recipes and plan out the week’s meals in advance. Pick one day a week to do the bulk of the grocery shopping so additional trips may only be needed to pick up one or two fresh items for that dinner’s menu. Then carve out some time to wash, chop and prepare veggies or fruits so they are easy to grab when a snack craving hits. Having the proper tools, in this case healthy choices, at the ready, makes staying motivated automatic.

Develop a New Skill

When on a mission to eat better or to clean up one’s diet, it helps to have a little talent in the kitchen. But this shouldn’t be intimidating. In fact, learning to cook or to further one’s cooking skills itself can be a motivating part of this journey — especially with the breadth of YouTube videos just a click away. Make eating healthier fun by having the whole family join in on picking out recipes, selecting new foods to try, and trying new health-focused restaurants together. Koibito Poke anyone?

Don’t Like it? Don’t Eat it!

Many people get off track from their healthy-eating missions because they’re forcing themselves to eat things they simply don’t like or are limiting themselves to the point that they get tired of it and just give up. Eating healthy can be a lifelong practice, so it should be something that can be maintained — and enjoyed — long term. That said, just because kale is good for the body, doesn’t mean everyone likes it! Explore the produce section and think outside the box to discover clean, healthy foods that YOU like.

Don’t Get Discouraged

On the journey towards any goal, there are going to be distractions, challenges and times when the drive-through is the easiest option. After a not-so-healthy decision, it’s important to “forgive and forget.” Don’t allow one slip up to derail this journey towards better health! After a less-than-desirable choice, refocus that commitment and remember the why.

Motivation is key for setting and achieving goals. But working towards a goal takes dedication and commitment, too. Usually, making progress along the way to the goal set is reward-worthy enough to keep going towards that finish line. And in the case of eating healthfully, the reward is a lifetime of improved health along, not to mention the newfound enjoyment of eating “right!” Koibito Poke is focused on providing its guests with healthy, whole food poke bowls built with the finest ingredients so diners can always feel good about a meal here.

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