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Healthy Holiday Indulgences

healthy eating

This is the season to throw healthy habits to the wind (at least until New Year’s Day), right? Not so! There is no reason to abandon one’s healthy routine in the name of “it’s the holidays!” … and there is also no need to deprive oneself either. Everything in moderation, as they say! But rather than focusing on food indulgences this year, why not redirect the holiday “indulgences” to experiences that are healthy for mind, body and soul.

Quality Time with Loved Ones — Is there any better indulgence than filling up on quality time with best friends or beloved family members? Go for a hike, set up a puppy play date or meet for peppermint tea and a catch-up session to fill up on good vibes this season.

Self-Care — Scheduling a massage, hair and makeup service or mani/pedi (with one of those beloved friends or family members, perhaps?) is a great way to check off some much needed self-care this holiday season. “Indulge” in ensuring needs are met with mind and body… and a little pampering as well! Bonus: Heading off to a holiday party after a glowing spray tan application or fabulous blow-out…

Saying ‘No’ and Setting Boundaries — For those that tend to stress out over the holiday season trying to make it to every party or invitation… maybe it’s time to set some boundaries in the name of health! Prioritize the most important events or obligations and learn to be okay with saying no and — gasp! — missing out every now and then. (It’ll be ok… promise!)

Sleep In — Is there any greater indulgence than not setting the morning alarm? Try to find a few days over the holiday season where setting the alarm is unnecessary. Quality restful sleep should not be underestimated. So snuggle in for a long winter’s nap… and wake up ready to conquer the season!

Don’t Skip the Workout Routine — While missing the occasional workout is expected during this extra busy season, regular fitness junkies who thrive by their regular exercise routine should try to stick to it the best they can. Regular exercise is key to staving off stress and illness too!

Feed the Body Right — Like regular exercise, a healthy eating plan is another “indulgence” that can lead to a long and healthy life. Treat the body like a temple and give it what it deserves — real, nutrient-dense whole foods.

The Koibito Poke family extends best wishes to all their cherished guests for a happy holiday season and fabulous (and healthy!) New Year!

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