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Healthy Eating Tips for Spring


Spring in the Valley of the Sun is right around the corner, but the amazing weather is already hinting at an early season. With all the fun outdoor activities that come to the valley in the spring, it’s time to start getting the body and mind ready — and that starts by getting healthy from the inside out with these healthy eating tips.

With so many dining choices in Arizona, it’s easy to get tempted. But the good news is that many restaurants are focusing their menus on fresh, healthy and nutritious whole food dishes — and Koibito Poke is one of them! Koibito Poke’s upscale yet casual concept allows diners to customize their bowls for their own dietary needs and preferences.

And fresh fish is one of the best ways to enjoy a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients. Salmon for example, is considered a powerful superfood and the Wild Salmon Center says salmon is “packed full of marine-derived Omega-3s… and contains significant amounts of vitamin D, A, E, B6 and B12, niacin and riboflavin.” The site notes that salmon is good for the heart and brain — and can even promote mood and reduce risk of depression.

Those essential Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in shrimp, which is sited by the American Heart Association as a food that can help lower cholesterol levels as well as benefit the body’s cardio vascular systems and other functions.

For those that follow a Keto eating program, customizing a bowl with greens instead of rice is always an option. And for those that don’t eat seafood, Koibito offers grilled chicken. Custom bowls can even be created for vegetarians by choosing tofu or an extra helping of avocado. Of course a wide variety of vegetables available allow diners to “Top it Off” with all kinds of additions that each offer their own nutritious benefits. From shaved Brussels sprouts and kale to cucumber and onions (green or red or both!), diners have no shortage of fresh veggies to add even more healthy aspects to their bowl.

When considering healthy dining this Spring, Koibito Poke has so many options and combinations that nutritious eating never gets boring here!

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