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Health Benefits of Eating Whole Foods

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Each New Year, many Americans resolve to lose weight, exercise more and become healthier overall. According to a recent article on Forbes’ website, 33 percent of people polled cited “improved diet” as a top resolution, topped by “weight loss” (37 percent) and “improved fitness” (39 percent). A whopping 45 percent cited “improved mental health” to be a top resolution. But the fact is all these things go hand in hand.

And it begins with eating real whole foods. Because that is where people can get the best nutrients that best serve these wellness goals. Koibito Poke dives further into this topic starting with some expert opinion:

In a Facebook post, Dr. Mark Hyman, functional medicine expert and author of multiple books that cover the topic of eating for wellness, explains: “The nutrients within our food act as information to our cells. When we give our bodies the right information, they will function at their highest level of performance — we feel more energetic, our minds are clearer, we look more vibrant — the list of benefits goes on and on.”

He goes on to explain that the human body don’t know how to utilize the data that comes from foods with poor-quality information such as refined flours and sugars or trans fats. “Dysfunction is the result,” he writes. “Blood sugar imbalances, mood swings, weight gain, sleep disturbances, and cardiovascular disease are just some of the many side effects that can happen when our dietary choices are lacking nutrient density and when they contain harmful ingredients.”

For people that are used to eating convenience foods or fast foods that provide little nutritional value, moving into a more whole food-based lifestyle can be challenging and a little daunting. But it can also be delicious and set people free from diet cycles. It helps to start clearing out the fridge and pantry of the foods people no longer desire to eat in alignment with their 2023 goals — such as highly processed and pre-packaged foods.

People may also consider leveling up their mindset around whole and healthy foods. These foods are the ones that can truly change people’s overall health from both a physical and mental standpoint. Rather than feeling deprived, it’s more about people treating themselves right and giving themselves the healthy whole foods they deserve to feel their best inside and out.

So where to start? Get creative with all kinds of colorful high-fiber produce, enjoy healthy fats like extra-virgin olive oil and avocados and some low-glycemic fruits like blueberries and blackberries, Hyman suggests. He adds free-range meats and eggs should be “used more like condiments than as the star of the plate” and also touts the inclusion of anti-inflammatory nuts and seeds, and flavorful herbs and spices to a healthy and vibrant whole food lifestyle.

He stresses: “And when it comes to what you eat, quality is way more important than quantity — all calories are not created equal. The sources and nutrient-density of your food play a much larger role in your health than the amount of calories a food contains.”

Eating whole foods in their natural state is a great way to get on the fast track to health in 2023 and can result in only weight loss and increased wellbeing. Mayo Clinic calls a whole-food diet rich in diverse fruits and vegetables “powerful medicine” that can protect against inflammation, cell damage and even cancer.

Koibito Poke encourages people that aim to get healthier in 2023 to start with their next meal — perhaps at Koibito Poke? The brand proudly touts its commitment to health and serving high-quality nutrient-packed foods that can help complement a whole food eating approach. So stop in and customize a whole food bowl packed with healthy options!

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