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Easy Tip for Eating More Real Food


Let’s get real. After all, it’s kind of the motto at Koibito Poke — the concept is focused on healthy food that is satisfying, delicious and 100 percent real. So ok, it’s easy to eat real at Koibito Poke (and the options are really endless to create a customized poke bowl chock full of real foods), but what about the rest of the time? Koibito Poke’s real food lovers share some tips for eating more real foods.

What’s the deal with real food? Isn’t everything people eat food? Real food is essentially single-ingredient whole foods like vegetables, fruit, seafood, fish, meats, dairy, poultry and pork, 100 percent whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. These foods should be enjoyed in their purest (aka realest) version.

Packaged and processed foods are not part of this family. These convenience foods may be easy to grab on the run, but they are not the “food” that can properly fuel your body. Avoid those products when at all possible.

At the market, be wary of the interior aisles which tend to be filled with the highly processed, pre-packaged foods that are loaded with additives and other ingredients that are not conducive to a real food lifestyle.

Avoid the drive thru as well. While on-the-go eating has become almost necessary in today’s busy world, a meal from the drive-thru is typically very high in fat and sodium… and eating in the car really isn’t a positive way to enjoy a meal. Try, whenever possible, to sit down at the table to eat and fully be aware of the meal. Conscious eating is a great tool for truly recognizing what and how much is being consumed.

Real food doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little planning, real food can be easy and delicious.

Yes, that planning part is essential… Keeping some easy grabbable items at the ready can help stave off a craving for a bag of chips or a store-bought cookie. Pre-cut veggies like red pepper, carrots and cucumbers and dip them into some hummus for an easy snack; pair apple slices with a hunk of good cheese and some walnuts or almonds or spread some seed butter on a piece of toasted whole grain bread.

At mealtime, a balance of real food is ideal. Think protein, produce and fat (good fat!). For example, pre-made egg cups (with cheese, broccoli and turkey sausage) or energy bites made with nuts, seeds and nut butter are easy to enjoy on the go.

For lunch or dinner, a salad topped with grilled chicken, steak or salmon is a tasty option. As is homemade vegetable soup. (Side note: Homemade soups are easier to make that most people might imagine! Give it a try!) Or enjoy a favorite protein paired with roasted vegetables. Simplicity is key — then jazz an easy meal up with herbs, spices, condiments (like mustard and no-sugar added jams) and toppings (like cheeses, nuts, seeds, olives and dried fruits).

Most of all, enjoy the process of transitioning into a real-food focused way of eating. Nature provides all the foods people need to survive and thrive (while also really loving their food). Experimenting with various flavors and combinations of real food can be a fun (and tasty) learning process.

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